#9: The "Flow of Life" (15:32)

When life circumstances can seem so overwhelming and our energy feels blocked that we no longer feel fulfilled in the lives we are living, we CAN get back to a more healthful and purposeful state of being.

 I am grateful you have tuned in and I hope you’ll find something to which you can relate to inspire you to strengthen your inner balance too! 

Are you familiar with the concept of “the flow of life?” Going with the flow? Akasha? A sense of being with all that is? It’s more a state of mind than anything else. Everyday life can really get in the way of feeling this sensation. We wander through our daily obligations and forget that we are connected to everything that is. It becomes easy to forget that we are more than our physical and thinking selves.

When we become connected, everything seems to magically make sense. Think of it in terms of trying to type on a keyboard that isn’t plugged in. You can hammer away at the keys but nothing shows up on your screen.

mud puddle

I have felt lately that my personal flow of life has turned into a shallow mud puddle. Every time I try to reconnect to it, I end up body slamming muck instead. The tricks I’ve employed in the past don’t seem to be getting me back to that state of mind.

I used to be able to sincerely ask a question to be shown – whether you envision that question being sent to the universe, God, or your higher self. I could simply asked to be placed back in the flow and visualize jumping into it and BAM, there I would be. The human obstacles would be peeled away.

Being mindful of my thoughts was another way I could jump in the flow. It’s much easier to do that when I’m in my own personal space, where I can be still and quiet. It’s like being just on the brink of a meditative state. And Just being in a meditative state can lift a lot of heavy weight.

Walking in nature or just walking my dog, doing some basic beginner yoga or simple stretching, while focusing on my breathing would also help catapult me into that flow.

I also like to prepare wonderful meals using whole foods and organic ingredients as much as possible. I’m a nutrition junkie, so feeding my body well and avoiding added sugars and commercially prepared crap and chemicals is another method I use to keep balanced.

Even just sitting down at my computer and writing down whatever thoughts pop into my head can help alter my scattered energy. I keep notebooks by my favorite spot in the living room and beside my bed to jot down thoughts too.

I also love to get lost in creative endeavors — whether that’s the cooking, writing, podcasting, getting out the paints, photography, woodburning, fiber arts — I have a TON of creative outlets, some of which I never share. It’s just a way for me to step outside the demands of the daily struggle and regroup a bit.

My personal mud puddle has been compounding lately. The chaos and stress of my job, the physical pains that are beginning to manifest, my cluttered home, my lack of finances… the mud puddle sometimes becomes quick sand and it pulls me in so deep, I can barely breathe.

I spend weekends not leaving my house, just to try to regroup and mentally prepare for the coming week. In a sense, I use my weekends to clear my inner clutter and step away from what makes me so crazy lately.

If you’ve listened to the previous episodes of Seeking Balance A Personal Journey, you’ll remember that I simply love to find synchronicities in life and let them lead me to feel balanced.

One of those synchronicities started with watching mindless television instead of doing anything else I felt I should be doing. I flipped over to Netflix and browsed the list of documentaries (I LOVE documentaries that are well made). I stumbled on Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru (https://www.tonyrobbins.com/documentary/). The show takes the viewer behind the scenes of Tony’s seminar, A Date with Destiny. I was riveted by the life-changing transformations the attendees were experiencing as he seemed to effortlessly cut through what was blocking them.

I need Tony Robbins, I thought to myself. I literally cried through the entire film. Bloomberg may have referred Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminars as “self-help snake oil,” and Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a paltry 45%, stumbling upon it ignited something within me.

Attending a Tony Robbins seminar is not exactly something that is feasible for me to do from an economical standpoint. I’m barely covering my living expenses with nothing left over. In fact, I was left with a measly 29 cents to my name last week. How the hell could I afford to travel to and attend a REALLY expensive seminar?

I mulled it around in my head for more than a week. Surely, there must be a life coach, a really good life coach here in my home state of Vermont. My own self-help “snake oil” doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere lately. Maybe I just need an accessible person who is trained at helping to unblock people. Someone who isn’t going to further break my bank and will show me how to rise above the prison walls I have created for myself once and for all.

Then I found her!

I started searching for life coaches in Vermont and was very skeptical at what I was finding. I needed someone who could not only help me revive my self-worth and energy levels but who could also help me break through my miserable employment situation so I could find ways to earn my living doing what I love. I gravitated toward one unique and highly qualified individual.

I’m not going to mention this person by name yet, until after we’ve had our first official session, and she gives her blessing for me to discuss what we talk about on this podcast. What I will tell you, is we had an unofficial introductory conversation yesterday. One that left me feeling very hopeful and shifted my gears into what I really need to be working on.

I’ve started a list of things that I know, on a deeper level, I need to be addressing so we can maximize our time when we meet next week.

Some of those items include my need to isolate myself, feeling unworthy and never good enough, losing the link to fulfilling my soul’s purpose, a bit of guilt, self-sabotage, low physical energy, fear of failure, an undesirable outcast, and being disconnected from the universe or all that is.

Whether or not you believe that we all have a vibration, what I am beginning to learn, is that since moving to this area, my own vibration, where I am most comfortable, is being dragged down — hence my mud puddle instead of the beautiful flow of life.

My soul knows where it wants to be yet everything I am experiencing in life now is counter-intuitive to that.

Accepting that I may not be able to overcome this alone is the first big step in getting back to where I KNOW I belong. I am confident this woman — whether you want to call her a counselor, therapist, life coach, has the professional skills and training, coupled with a highly intuitive nature to see energy, that will help me clean up my inner tool box and refine the tools I use so I can reclaim my own energy. I am ready to throw out the broken, useless tools — those beliefs and habits — that serve no purpose and to truly restore my inner balance. Have you ever heard the expression, “if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?” It’s time to stop operating with a broken hammer!

I am ready to stop feeling held back and to dip my toes into that beautiful flow of life again.

It reminds me of a little exercise a long ago friend had me try. We had hiked to this remote area with a beautiful creek. There was big, flat rock nearly at the center of the creek. My friend had me jump from stone to stone until I reached the flat rock. I was instructed to bend down and put my hands in the flowing water and to envision the water cleansing away my troubles. The creek would know what to do them and would flow fresh, untroubled waters through me. I crouched on that rock for what felt like forever, imagining the flow of the cool creek water traveling up my hands, into my arms, and through my body, releasing all tension and negative feelings.

I have the feeling, in the coming weeks, I’ll be repeating something very similar to release what binds me and flow back into a joyous, abundant, and fulfilling life.

I’m excited to share that journey with you as we ride on that flow of life together.

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Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, Stitcher, and Googleplay Music. I’d love for you to leave me feedback and rate the show so I know how I’m doing. You can email me at Lisa@VTBalance.com

Until next time, love well my friends.






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