Open Letter from a Rescued Dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Although my dog, Derby, did not come from a shelter, she was a homeless pup we adopted more than five years ago. The joy she brings to our lives prompted me to create this piece to share with animal lovers in the hope anyone wanting to add a dog to their family will consider looking into one of many shelters in Vermont.  Shelters also need support and volunteers. Links are at the end of this post.

An Open Letter from a Rescued Dog (video)

My true best friend, Derby.

My true best friend, Derby.

An Open Letter from a Rescued Dog

I’m just a dog. Or am I?
More than a million of my kind
are put to death each year.
One every 13 seconds
across the U.S.



Our crime?
Being abandoned, unloved,

I am not one of those dogs.

For all the dogs killed in shelters each year,
1.4 million ARE adopted.
I am one of THOSE dogs.
I am YOUR dog.

You rescued ME
from an untimely demise.



You took me home,
accepted me
for all my faults and flaws.
No questions asked.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

You showed me patience and kindness.
You brought me into your family
and showed me my worth
as your companion.

You trained me, taught me,
and most importantly, LOVED me.

You play with me,
laugh with me,
feed me,
buy me toys,
take me on adventures,
give me friends,
and a warm place to sleep.

You keep me healthy and clean
and make me feel SAFE.

You talk to me,
cuddle me,
discipline me.

I am not just a dog.

I am a RESCUED dog.

YOUR dog.



I am a GOOD dog
because of you.

You have given me
a full and happy life.

You saved me.

I will love you,
take care of you,
be dedicated to you,
until I am old and gray.

I will love you
until the end of my days.  

I am your rescue dog.

By Lisa Rowell

Rescue Organizations Throughout Vermont:

All Breed Rescue
Franklin County Animal Rescue
Golden Huggs
Homeward Bound (Addison County)
Lucy MacKenzie (Brownsville)
North Country Animal League
Passion 4 Paws
Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter
Potter’s Angels Rescue
Random Rescue
Rescue Me (Vermont Site)
Rutland County Humane Society
Second Chance Animal Shelter
Springfield Humane Society
Vermont Dog Rescue
Vermont Humane Federation
White River Animal Rescue
Windham County Humane Society