Welcome to Vermont in Balance!

In August of 2016, I wanted to start a community magazine about health and wellness called Vermont in Balance. Alas, with a full time job, and limited resources to make the publication a reality, I had to scrap the idea but kept the website as a creative outlet and virtual portfolio of my creative services.


Life can be a balancing act. The mission of this site is two-fold.  By sharing my musings and creating the podcast, I wanted simply to provide a source of inspiration for anyone seeking balance in their daily lives, much the same way I am.  My way of seeking balance is through creativity. The content  on this site is intended to simply share  my truth and creations while perhaps stirring up a giggle or two.  The second mission of this site is shameless self-promotion of my services. The balancing act would be far more pleasant should I gain enough clients to be truly independently owned and operated.


As my new journey into podcasting takes off, I am eager to share my writings in audio, and continue to post little musings, photos, articles, and recipes on the site. In time, I will look into monetizing the site. For now, I am happy to just share.

Your feedback is important. If you have a great idea, would like to become a contributor, or just have some constructive criticism, Iā€™d love to hear from you. If you share my passion for story telling and communicating, drop me a line to become a guest on the podcast or to contribute a guest blog post.

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 The content of Vermont in Balance  is strictly for inspiration and entertainment purposes.