Welcome to Vermont in Balance!

In August of 2016, I wanted to start a community magazine about health and wellness called Vermont in Balance. With writing and publishing being two of my passions, I thought it would be a wonderful way to give back to my community and do what I love. I created all my materials, including a prototype, advertising structure, and overall editorial plan. I created this website then set about for the next four weeks to make my first issue happen

Alas, with a full time job, and limited resources to make the publication a reality, I had to scrap the idea but kept the website.


Life can be a balancing act. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, entertaining, and easy-to-read content for every day folks looking for inspiration and resources in their daily lives.  Features and columns (found in the blog) are about health and wellness, food and nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, creativity, and community. The podcast, Seeking Balance, A Personal Journey, emerged from the ideas, launching in June of 2017.


As my new journey into podcasting takes off, I am eager to share my writings in audio, and continue to post little musings, photos, articles, and recipes on the site.

Your feedback is important. If you have a great idea, would like to become a contributor, or just have some constructive criticism, I’d love to hear from you. If you share my passion for story telling and communicating, drop me a line to become a guest on the podcast or to have your work highlighted.

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Although Vermont in Balance is wellness-themed, the content is strictly for inspiration and entertainment purposes. No article should ever take the place of consulting with your health care professional.