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Life is a balancing act. Vermont in Balance is basically a fun, creative outlet! It's also a very public telling of a private, personal journey. Within these pages, one might stumble upon anything from a recipe that reminds me of my grandmother, to a heartfelt essay about breaking free from oppression, or a photo of a seashell that captivated  me with the intricate geometry of nature.

The site is not monetized (yet) and its purpose is complex. It's a blog and home to a podcast for an untethered voice to speak, yet it is also home to my freelance creative endeavors. It's honest and raw.

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Quote of the Week

Self Love. It doesn’t mean that everyone will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. It means that you won’t let them change the way you see yourself; nor will you stick around for them to destroy you.
— Tony A. Gaskins, Jr.

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